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​Author, artist, poet, reciter and cultural worker


Born in Åndalsnes, Norway

Lives in Horten.


«Ann Kavli is an author who displays orginal and personal mastery of language», a critic wrote about the novel “The Smile of a Dolphin” when it was published in 1995.

Her debut was “Something will come to you”, 1991, a collection of poems which caught the attention of the literary community.


Appointed as a member of The Committee for Government Grants and Guaranteed Income for Artists 2014-2017, by The Ministry of Culture in Norway. 

Board member of The Norwegian Author`s Association 2012- 2014

Ann Kavli is altso a book critic, ​​​manuscript consultant and holds courses in creative writing.

Ann Kavli`s paintings are dear to many.


Ann Kavli has written poetry and novels for adults as well as poetry and drama for children and youth.​

​Leader of The Norwegian Author`s Association`s Literary Council 2005 - 2007. Member of the council from 2001.
The council is the State committee for scholarship awards as well as th​​e artistic council for the review of membership applications to The Norwegian Author`s association​.

Ann Kavli has since the middle of the 1990es been a communicator of her own and others’ poetry, as an organizer, presenter and performing author.
​Founder and former leader of  "Forfatterne Kommer! " - literary event at JosefineVertshus in Oslo.

She has held numerous writing classes for children, youth and adults, e.g. at The Open University in Oslo, schools as well as holding private courses. Ann Kavli has been invited to the international Bjørnson festival in Molde on numerous occasions, latest in 2012.

In 1996 she was invited as one of seven new literary performing artists to The Literary Festival in Bergen together with main festival author Herbjørg Wassmo.



Flakes are making notes

of things I must remember

Soon there will be

a different time

the earth is turning around

Water is slobbering

from the glacier`s tongue

Snow is crying

from Out of July, 2011

© ann kavli

Copyright  Lisbeth Michelsen



This beautiful collection of poems is well worth reading.

I will argue that whoever would match Ann Kavli

in norwegian contemporary poetry as she presents herself here, will​ have to get up early in the morning

Arne Ruset, about Out of July, Romsdals Budstikke (diceroll six)​

Ann Kavli’s poetry is ambitious.

What makes many of the poems special and wonderful is that she wanders with remarkable ease between styles, in a combination of deathly seriousness and sparkling outbursts. Take an art and language tour with Ann Kavli!

Tore Renberg, ​about Aquatints, Stavanger Aftenblad​​


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